Blueberry Brioche

Guys, this thing is delicious.


Like, if you’re not really doing anything right now, you should probably go get the ingredients and make this right now.  Even better if you have guests to impress.


I heard of this recipe when I saw its photograph on the cover of Zoe Nathan’s book, Huckleberry, which is a breakfast-focused book containing recipes from her famous bakery in LA of the same name.  I saw it and instead of buying the book immediately- which was tempting because, as I have already written, I love breakfast- I just looked for the recipe.

And the internet did not fail me!  I found the recipe on Los Angeles magazine’s website, and bookmarked it for later.

This was the first time I ever made any sort of brioche pastry, although I have been an enthusiastic consumer of the buttery sweet bread since I was old enough to handle a spoon.  Every summer when I go to Sicily, one of the first things I do is to head over to my favorite granita place and have a refreshing breakfast of lemon-strawberry granita with a steaming brioche bun.


This was a different kind of brioche because it comes in loaf form and feels a bit richer and softer than the brioche I’m used to.  The crumb is pillowy and gently sweet, contrasting with the crunchy sugar crust on top, and the blueberries add a wonderful tartness and juiciness that helps cut the richness of the brioche.

the pillowyness!
the pillowyness!

It does take a while to make because you have to let it rise overnight, but with a little planning ahead it is definitely doable!


You can find the recipe here.



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