Hello everyone!  I’m Elena, a girl who likes to believe she is more than 50% Italian but who was born in Mississippi, and you can’t get much more American than that.  Although I may not have been born there, I still identify the most with my mother’s homeland of Italy, particularly Sicily, where I visit every summer and have fantastic times.

Obviously I love food and cooking, but I also am really into nature and food photography, so I’m excited to have an outlet for all my passions.

The name, La Sbobba, is the word my grandmother uses to describe a mishmash of leftover things she throws into a pan and makes delicious, the only requirement being that it includes stale bread, which she always has an abundance of.  The classic sbobba is made from boiled greens, stale bread, potatoes, and chili flakes, an unlikely combination that I swear to you is wonderful.  So this blog will be exactly that, a mishmash of various things that I hope will become a delicious whole.

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