Pasta Rossa con Cavolfiore

Wow it’s been a while since I last posted! I don’t really have a good excuse other than I have not been feeling inclined to share what I’ve been cooking, which has mostly been some iteration of vegetables, boiled or sauteed together, usually on top of some grain.  I also did not want to give you guys another sweet recipe, because the ratio of sweet to savory is getting out of hand and if I don’t inject some salt into this blog it’s going to get diabetes. Continue reading “Pasta Rossa con Cavolfiore”

White Wine and Olive Oil Cake with White Chocolate Ganache

Happy Labor Day everyone!


We went to a little beach near Solomons Island on the Chesapeake Bay.  I saw a blue crab, two beautiful butterflies, and a little green snake!  It was a good day. Continue reading “White Wine and Olive Oil Cake with White Chocolate Ganache”

Life in Germany Part 1: Bäckerei

Here begins my series on my life in Germany this summer! I am spending about a month and a half in Frankfurt working at a lab at Goethe University, and I am excited about exploring a whole new city and culture.  I’ve been here about a little over a week now and let me tell you, not knowing any German at all is a problem.  Everyone told me that everyone in Frankfurt speaks English, but that was a lie.  The language barrier has spawned such huge problems as struggling to find the baking powder in the supermarket, being unable to read the settings on the washing machine (and therefore taking 30 minutes to press “start”), and not being able to understand if someone is complimenting me on my skirt or saying something completely unrelated. Continue reading “Life in Germany Part 1: Bäckerei”

Carrot, Radish, and Hummus Sandwich

When I first became a vegetarian (*cough* pescetarian *cough*), I found it kind of challenging to pack a quick lunch for school every day because I couldn’t just slap a slice of turkey on some bread with cheese and be done. I eventually got tired of the soggy tomato-cheese combination, and it was a real treat when my mom would roast some red peppers and make me a mozzarella (or, even better, goat cheese), roasted red pepper, and basil sandwich on a baguette.  Continue reading “Carrot, Radish, and Hummus Sandwich”

Monday Links

Here are some cool things I found on the internet last week:

Marc Vetri’s Charred Green Onion Pasta with Corn Crema

What is your favorite food?

This used to be an exceedingly hard question for me.  I like pretty much everything, and there are too many choices, so I used to respond, “It depends”, but recently I have come to realize that the answer to that question is pasta. Any way you prepare it (barring the horror that is pasta salad), it is always satisfying and delicious.  I love how perfectly cooked pasta is tender but still present beneath the teeth, how I can just taste the sweetness of the wheat in the undressed noodle, and how warm I feel after eating a bowl of it.  It is so simple, just flour and water, yet so complex.  It is the embodiment of the Italian approach to food, turning the most basic of ingredients into something sublime.

I also go crazy for any new and creative way to prepare it.  I ripped this recipe out of a magazine because it looked so interesting I just had to make it. Continue reading “Marc Vetri’s Charred Green Onion Pasta with Corn Crema”