Gingerbread Madeleines

A year ago, I asked for a madeleine pan for Christmas.

When I asked for it, I knew it was an unnecessary specialty kitchen item that I would probably use about twice before burying it in the cabinet. I wanted one anyway, because the adorable pictures of madeleines that were popping up in my social media were filling my head with thoughts of what my life could be like with a madeleine pan. I could make matcha madeleines! Chocolate madeleines! Pink strawberry madeleines dipped in white chocolate! You get the thought process. Continue reading “Gingerbread Madeleines”

A trip to the south

Another Christmas came and went, and my family took our traditional super long car trip down to Mississippi to celebrate with my dad’s side of the family.  Because driving there takes about 15 hours, we broke it up on the way down by taking a detour to Savannah, Georgia and staying there a couple nights.


Although it rained the whole time, Savannah is a beautiful city.  We ate out at two restaurants that were recommended by the guide book, but my food was mediocre (though I give the ambiance of both an A+).  I probably didn’t enjoy them very much because I was trying to order “healthy” things, not exactly a specialty of the south. While my tomato gazpacho and scallops with spinach were decent, my dad’s orders of various fried things were quite delicious, as were the copious amounts of biscuits that were served with every meal.  I guess I should follow the “when in Rome” mindset and order something buttery and crispy rather than stubbornly clinging on to my northern ways. Continue reading “A trip to the south”