Carrot, Radish, and Hummus Sandwich

When I first became a vegetarian (*cough* pescetarian *cough*), I found it kind of challenging to pack a quick lunch for school every day because I couldn’t just slap a slice of turkey on some bread with cheese and be done. I eventually got tired of the soggy tomato-cheese combination, and it was a real treat when my mom would roast some red peppers and make me a mozzarella (or, even better, goat cheese), roasted red pepper, and basil sandwich on a baguette.¬† Continue reading “Carrot, Radish, and Hummus Sandwich”

Blueberry Brioche

Guys, this thing is delicious.


Like, if you’re not really doing anything right now, you should probably go get the ingredients and make this right now. ¬†Even better if you have guests to impress. Continue reading “Blueberry Brioche”